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Lesson 17 Revelation 17-18: The Fall of Babylon

Revelation 17-18: The Fall of Babylon

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The Great Whore

Who are the main characters/elements in these chapters?

The woman, the beast, the ten horns and the many waters.

Is the beast the same as the beast which we have seen earlier?


What can we learn from the following passages about the ten horns? Daniel 2:41 -44, 7:7, Rev 12:3, 13:1

The ten horns are the same last days kings as the ten toes of Daniel 2 and the 10 horns of  Daniel 7 and Revelation 12, 13 and 17.

Daniel 2 emphasizes that these are democracies not traditional monarchies.

Is Babylon the same in both chapters?

They are connected but in 17 it is a religion which is in view while in 18 it is a city.

Judging by the descriptions in 17 and18 what does this woman represent?

In chapter 17 she represents an ecclesiastical system, a false religion which shall rule the world during the tribulation. In 18 she represents a city which is the center of commerce during the tribulation. They are intimately connected and may be two powers in the same city.

Babylon, Mystery Religion

What does the title of the woman reveal?  Why is the name Babylon used?

Read Genesis 10:8-10 and 11:1-9

Nimrod-  Hunter of souls, the founder of Babel and tower.

Babel- originally meant Gate of God, then confusion.

Semiramis- wife of Nimrod, high priestess of “mystery religions”  after Nimrod was killed she had a child and claimed it was Nimrod, now a God, who had made her with child. 

Tammuz- illegitimate child of Semiramis.  Proclaimed deity by his mother.  Now worshipped with his mother as a god.

Trail of Pagan, Mystery Religions-  Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Catholicism, Scarlet woman of Revelation.

Where does the woman receive her power?

From the beast

How will the woman come to rule during the time of the beast?

The beast uses the woman (a false church which will dominate all religions) to consolidate his kingdom.  When he receives the “wound unto death”  the woman rises to full power and rules alone.  The ten kings do not stand for this and destroy the woman when the beast returns from the pit, they give the kingdom back to him.

What happens to the woman in 17?

She is destroyed by the ten horns (kings)

Who destroys the City in 18?

God does, with the 7th bowl being poured out, probably through a great earthquake at the end of the tribulation and just before the Lord returns with the armies of heaven.

Could Babylon the woman and Babylon the city both be located in the same city, the capital and seat of power of the beast?

Yes. This could be as yet a new city or it might be Rome, Babylon or some other city which exists today.



Revelation 17 and 18 show us that the seeds of man’s destruction through false religion were planted at the very beginning of time with Nimrod and the tower of Babel. Satan has promulgated a world system of worship based on the promises of God to Eve (the seed of woman) and has mixed it with lust, fornication, immorality, corruption, greed and power so that it entices and turns man away from the truth.

   Even today paganism lives and flourishes in our desire for sexual fulfillment and debauchery (partying). Even so called Christian church denominations are bowing to the worst form of sexual perversion and calling for homosexual marriages to be legal and homosexual men and women to be preachers and priests. Once the true church and true believers are removed from this world this stream of corruption will become a torrent, a flood that will overwhelm any moral outcry in the name of humanist, paganistic, universalism. It is no wonder then that the Lord called this last stage of man’s religion “The Great Whore.”

   Today we must guard ourselves, our families and our church well. The lure of the Great Whore has always been with us.

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