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Acts Bible Study: Witnesses Lesson 3 Acts 3:1-9 Doing Good At the Beautiful Gate

Acts Bible Study: Witnesses Lesson 3
Acts 3:1-9 Doing Good At the Beautiful Gate

Vs 1-9 Why do you think Peter and John helped the lame man at the Beautiful Gate?
It was what Jesus would have done. It was proof that Jesus worked through them. It was an opportunity to do good in place that would create more good.

Vs. 5 What was the lame man expecting to receive as he looked at them?
Money, alms.

Vs 6 Peter could have just healed him and walked away, what did he do instead and why?
He gave a preamble to the healing in order to remove it from the physical into the spiritual. This gave an opportunity to show the power of Jesus and then to share the Gospel.

Why the emphasis on the phrase, “in Jesus’ name?”
It was through His power, because of His commission, followed His example and for His glory. It was acting in the place of Jesus as Jesus would act, this is what “in Jesus name” means.

How did this good deed turn into an opportunity for the gospel to be given?
Those who knew the man saw him walking and “wondered greatly.” Giving Peter another opportunity to preach and point to the resurrected Christ, Jesus.



If we take Peter and John’s example for and apply that example in our own daily life, what determines how and why you help someone today?
We act in the name of Jesus, on His behalf. If Jesus would have helped, then we should help as well.

Must our help always be what those in need expect? Should it always be money?
No, lack of finances or common sense may dictate otherwise. Sometimes giving money may enable the person’s sin that put them in the place where they now need help.
What are some opportunities that we might see today to help?

In seizing opportunities for good, how can we do it in Jesus’ name?
By making sure our motivation and our purpose is to do good, show Christ working in us, and to create an opportunity to share the gospel.

In these “acts of kindness,” how can we bring the gospel up?
There is always a way.  Tell where you attend church.  Relate the incident to something from God’s word or in a sermon. Tell about help you’ve received from other Christians. Give them a tract. And of course you can always quote the “good Book.”

9th Principle of Biblical Witnessing:
Showing kindness and doing good will create opportunities to be witnesses.

Acts 3:12-26 Hope for the Hopeless

Vs. 12 Judging from this verse do you think Pete planned all this?
No, it would seem he simple grasped the opportunity God had given.

3:12- 26 What is the main point, the focus of Peter’s impromptu sermon?
To show their guilt in the death of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth and to offer the chance for repentance and salvation by the acceptance of Jesus’ sacrifice.

Vs. 15 What were Peter and John witnesses of? What had they personally experienced?
The resurrection of Christ and how He had changed them.

Vs. 19 What did Peter say the people must do?
Repent and be converted that your sins may be blotted out.

What elements of witnessing does Peter use to show Jesus to his audience?

Vs. 15 His Personal testimony.
Vs. 20 The Promise of Jesus return.
Vs. 22 Scripture / Messianic Prophecy
Vs. 23 A Warning of judgment.
Vs. 25  A direct application and confrontation of those he is preaching to.
Vs. 26 The resurrection and blessings of forgiveness in Christ.


Since Peter did not plan for this message, it is apparent that he simple walked through the door that God provided.  How can we be ready to walk through God’s open doors?
Prepped to present the Prince of Peace

Memorize Scripture.
Carry a Bible a Tracts.
Mark your Bible.
Plan your thoughts and testimony

How can the following scriptures be used to present the plan of salvation?
Psalms 22

Isaiah 53:1-6

John 3:1-16

Romans 3:23;5:8;6:23;10:10-13

In presenting the gospel always remember to:

Use your personal testimony.
Focus on Jesus, not yourself.
Use God’s Word, the Holy Spirit works through scripture.
Make it apply to the ones you are talking to. 

10th Principle of Biblical Witnessing:

Witnesses will always be ready to seize opportunities for doing good and prepared to share the Gospel.


When Peter presented the Gospel to Cornelius, he shared this, Acts 10:38 How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good,...

Later in his epistle Peter writes, 2 Peter 1:7 And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.

What we see in Acts 3 is an example of what Christians are called to do, to show kindness, to do good, to help others and in doing so the doors of opportunity to be witnesses of the Gospel will open. If we are not seeing the doors open, it may be because we are not doing what Jesus did, not acting in His name by doing good and showing kindness to others.

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