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John 14 Jesus Our Peace

John 14 Jesus Our Peace

John 14:1-31 Jesus Our Peace

1-6 The Way, Truth and Life

7-11 Father Revealed

12-14 Answered Prayer

15-18 Another Comforter

19-24 Indwelling of God

25-31 Christ’s Peace

John 15:1-27 Jesus Our Life
John 16:1-33 Jesus and Our Future

Vs. 1-3 What is the tone of Jesus words to the apostles?
Comfort and command.

What does the word mansion mean?
A dwelling place from the Grk. mone meaning a staying, abiding, dwelling, abode.

On this night before the crucifixion where was Jesus going and how would he prepare a place for the disciples?
He was going to the cross.  The preparation would be his sacrifice for us.

Does this verse of scripture support the belief that we will all dwell in luxurious mansions once we arrive in heaven?

Vs 4-14 Explain the way and the place where Jesus was going?
The place is a return to heaven the way is the cross, death, resurrection and ascension.

How does Jesus’ answer reveal our own way to heaven?
It is through faith in Jesus only.

How are believers able to do greater works than Jesus?
Since Jesus is returned to heaven, his power and presence is available to all. He is not limited to one place but can work through all of us.

What does it mean to ask in Jesus name?
It means to ask as Jesus would ask.  It means acting in his power and will rather than my own.

 Vs. 15- 18 Another Comforter

Why is obedience and love of Jesus coupled in the same paragraph as the giving of the Holy Spirit?
Without the Spirit both are impossible.

The comforter is translated from the Greek word paracletos; literally it means one called alongside to help.  Other words that define it are advocate, helper, strengthener, and comforter.

According to verse 17 did the Holy Spirit indwell the apostles at this present time?
No.  The promise of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit was given for those under the new covenant not the old.

The word comfortless in vs. 18 literally means orphans.

Judas asked Jesus how he would be seen of the apostles but not of the world.  What was Jesus answer?
That the father and the son would abide with us.

Vs 25-31 Christ’s Peace 

What was one of the tasks of the Holy Spirit after Jesus was gone?
To remind the apostles and teach them all the things which Jesus had said unto them.  This is both a promise of inspiration in the writing of the New Testament and a promise to all believers of the Holy Spirits guidance in understanding scripture.

What is different about the peace that Jesus gives and the peace the world gives?
The world’s peace is temporary and superficial.  Jesus’ peace is eternal and fulfilling.

Vs. 28-31 Why should the apostles have rejoiced at Jesus departure?
Jesus is reuniting with the Father.  It will be a fulfillment of Jesus prophecy and will strengthen their faith.  It will cause the world to know Jesus loved the Father and was obedient to Him.

What prevents the apostles from rejoicing the Jesus’ departure?
Their sorrow at losing Him, their lack of faith in not believing Him and their lack of understanding in not learning from Him.

What prevents us from rejoicing in tribulation, loss or difficulties encountered when serving Jesus?
The same things that prevented the apostles from seeing what Jesus was doing.  Lack of faith, lack of understanding and lack of selflessness.


In the upper room Jesus prepares His apostles for the greatest loss they will endure but also for the greatest gift they can receive after salvation, the Holy Spirit. He reaffirms Himself as the only way of salvation and His deity. It is His last opportunity before the Crucifixion to prepare the apostles for service that will define the rest of their lives.
Much like the apostles, we are sent by Jesus to carry the Gospel, Yet often we don’t fully comprehend what Jesus is doing in our life and times. Like the apostles we don’t rejoice in tribulation, loss or difficulties encountered  while serving Jesus. The same things that prevented the apostles from seeing what Jesus was doing.  We must recognize our lack of faith, lack of understanding and lack of selflessness and then ask God to move us past these deficiencies to a greater, closer relationship with Him.

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