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John 12: Last Week With Jesus

John 12: Last Week With Jesus

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John 12: 1-11 At a Dinner in Bethany

Who are the guests named at this meal?
Jesus, Martha, Lazarus, Mary and Judas Iscariot.

Lazarus presence told of what work of Jesus?

What does Jesus say the anointing by Mary shows about Jesus’ work?
It looks at his burial.

What was the cost of Mary’s anointing of Christ?
The oil of spikenard was worth a year’s wages.
The ridicule of the others cost her humiliation.
Her tears show the cost of a broken heart.

Read Matthew 26:6-13 for a fuller description of this story. How does Jesus feel about the anointing by Mary?
He sees it as proper and beautiful.  He commands that everywhere the Gospel is preached this story is to be told.

Compare the attitudes of Mary and Judas, which one pleased Jesus?
Jesus was touched and moved by Mary’s gift of love.

What can I learn about the comparison of Mary and Judas when it comes to the things I possess or save?
My priority is to give sacrificially to Jesus.  Money is only important as it is given to God.

Besides Jesus what was the great attraction at the supper?

Why did the chief priests not want people to see Lazarus?
People were believing because they could not deny the resurrection of Lazarus.

What was the solution of the chief priests in dealing with Lazarus and Jesus?
To kill them both.

John 12:12-26  Entry Into Jerusalem

What does Hosanna mean?
Save! I pray. A traditional phrase called out during Tabernacles

What prophecy does Jesus fulfill by riding into Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt?
Zechariah 9:9

What sparked such a spontaneous outpouring of praise and welcome among the pilgrims coming to Jerusalem for Passover?
Those residents of Jerusalem and Bethany who saw Lazarus resurrected,  were telling others at the feast.

Why didn’t Jesus meet with the Greeks?
He would soon be crucified and resurrected, preparing the means by which he could be with all Gentiles for all time.  He coming death would be the way he would be seen of the Greeks.

Vs. 25 Christ’s second paradox. Loving our life here means losing it, but hating our life on earth means keeping it for eternity. There are two different words for life used here.  Psuche which means physical life and zoe which means spiritual life.
He that loveth his physical life (psuche)_ shall lose it; and he that hateth his physical life (psuche) in this world shall keep it unto spiritual life (zoe) eternal.

John 12: 27-37 Last Public Teaching

Three times, at His baptism, the transfiguration and here just before His death.

Read vs. 27 should the phrase “Father, save me from this hour”, be a statement or a question?
Probably it is a question since it follows the question, “What shall I say?”

Vs. 32 Are all men drawn to Christ?
If they know of Christ being lifted up then they are drawn.

Does this mean all men will be saved?
No, the drawing is not irresistible it can be rejected.

Is Jesus statement here in contradiction to what he said in 6:44, 65?
No, God gave his son as the only way we can be saved. He sent Jesus to die on the cross. Jesus vicarious death is the drawing of God.

Listening to Jesus statement about drawing all men, what is the best way, if not the only way, to bring people to salvation?
By lifting up Christ.  They must know the gospel, the must see Jesus, dying for them.

Why didn’t Jesus explain to the people about his death and resurrection?
His time was short and too precious to explain what would be misunderstood now and unmistakable in less than a week.

Where is the passage in the OT that John quotes?
Isaiah 53 & 6:10

Did God make it impossible for people to believe in Jesus?  Read Matthew 13:14-15 for an explanation of this passage.
No this is God’s response to their hard hearts and rejection of Jesus.

What will judge a man on the last day?
The rejection of Jesus word.

John 12:44-50 Jesus proclaims His Deity and His Purpose


John 12 is the beginning of the end of the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. In the chapter, Mary give her all in prospect of her Master’s soon coming death.
When we consider what she gave and how much it cost her, we should ask ourselves what we are prepared to give in our devotion to Christ. A year’s wages, humiliation, our broken hearts?

In this chapter, Lazarus becomes an evangelist just be showing up at a dinner or walking into Jerusalem. Not because he was a great preacher but because no one could deny that he had been brought from death to life by Jesus Christ. I wonder if the same can be said of us when people consider our relationship with Christ?

John 12 also contains some of the most important and impassioned preaching that Jesus did in public. His paradoxes of life and death, show the radical nature of being his disciple and His dedication to the purpose of the Father in His life shows us the need for sacrifice and focus in our own.

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